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17. februar 2014 Skrevet af: Martin Schmidt Del med en ven     

Data and log files are initialized to overwrite any existing data left on the disk from previously deleted files. Data and log files are first initialized by filling the files with zeros when you perform one of the following operations:

  • Create a database
  • Add files, log or data, to an existing database
  • Increase the size of an existing file (including autogrow operations)
  • Restore a database or filegroup
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SQL Server trace flags

14 min. læsetid
10. november 2013 Skrevet af: Martin Schmidt Del med en ven     

Normally I’m not a big fan of using trace flags, my advice is only to use these when it is absolutely necessary otherwise don’t. Here is a list of the documented trace flags that you can use with SQL Server. That is the documented once, besides that there is a list of undocumented trace flags – and it is as you might already have guessed one of these I’ll be blogging about today.

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