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27. november 2013 Skrevet af: Daniel Svendsen Del med en ven     

As a Data Warehouse Consultant, I´m often asked the following by customers: “Is it possible to enrich our dimension data with some manually maintained data” and the answer is always “yeah, of course”. However, quite quickly the questions of:

- Who should input this data
- How do I inform that a new dimension value is available
- In which system should the user import this data
- And how can it been done in a user friendly manner

I have successfully used Master Data Services from SQL Server 2012 to manage this challenge.
Master Data Services offer an Excel plugin and a web application that makes it easy for business users to push data to a SQL Server. This tutorial will focus on the Excel plugin for pushing data.
This blog post will explain how you can push data from your SQL Server to your MDS implementation, thereby making it possible for the business user to enrich the data.

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26. marts 2013 Skrevet af: Inspari - Microsoft Del med en ven     

Every now and then standard queries just aren’t sufficient as data sources and therefore it might be neccesary to add an intermediate step. For instance by using a table variable. But using a table variable will by default not return any records. So what do we do, then?

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5. februar 2012 Skrevet af: inspari Del med en ven     

SQL Server 2012 gives us some new SSIS components that makes reading from the CDC tables created by SQL Server a lot easier.

Before this release we had to do all the house keeping our self but now almost everything is done out of the box.

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