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27. november 2013 Skrevet af: Daniel Svendsen Del med en ven     

As a Data Warehouse Consultant, I´m often asked the following by customers: “Is it possible to enrich our dimension data with some manually maintained data” and the answer is always “yeah, of course”. However, quite quickly the questions of:

- Who should input this data
- How do I inform that a new dimension value is available
- In which system should the user import this data
- And how can it been done in a user friendly manner

I have successfully used Master Data Services from SQL Server 2012 to manage this challenge.
Master Data Services offer an Excel plugin and a web application that makes it easy for business users to push data to a SQL Server. This tutorial will focus on the Excel plugin for pushing data.
This blog post will explain how you can push data from your SQL Server to your MDS implementation, thereby making it possible for the business user to enrich the data.

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18. november 2013 Skrevet af: Martin Schmidt Del med en ven     

Do you see tables taking up much more space than expected? And when looking at the table design and doing a little math numbers just don’t add up! I have seen issues so many times, where you have a simple little table with only a few thousand rows taking up GB’s of storage space. The case is more or less always the same, and that is what I’ll demonstrate in this blog post.

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29. november 2012 Skrevet af: Inspari - Microsoft Del med en ven     

Have you ever got the request to use special characters, like ( ) / & %, in the names of your measures or dimension attributes in your multidimensional cube, but only to find that the Name property will not accept this? There is a way to implement this even though it is not done on the Name property but involves Translations.

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16. november 2012 Skrevet af: Inspari - Microsoft Del med en ven     

…Balanced Power Plan that is.

Caring about the nature is most certainly a likeable trait. But did you know that your servers might be doing that without you actively told them to? And it comes with a cost.

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dbcc checkdb

8 min. læsetid
17. september 2012 Skrevet af: inspari Del med en ven     

Almost every one of my customers is running backup of their databases (you would be surprised if you knew how many databases never been backed up.. but that is another story). Unfortunately a lot of these databases has never been tested with dbcc checkdb. dbcc checkdb is a little like the good old chkdsk in DOS. dbcc checkdb checks the logical and physical integrity of all the objects in the database. Not running dbcc checkdb in worse case this means that someone is backing up an corrupt database. In that case when you need to restore your database…. well it is not good.

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PASS SQLRally Nordic 2012

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12. september 2012 Skrevet af: inspari Del med en ven     

PASS SQLRally Nordic is the biggest SQL Server event around here. This year the event is held in Copenhagen at Crowne Plaza. The conference is running 3 days. 1. October is a full day of pre-conference seminars, followed by two days with more than 30 technical sessions during the main conference.

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11. april 2012 Skrevet af: inspari Del med en ven     

SQL Server 2008 gave us filestreams. Filestream saves files on the disk instead of using BLOB’s. This was done to get better performance. Now the SQL Server 2012 is here with a new feature called FileTables. With FileTables you can store files and documents in special tables in SQL Server called FileTables, but access them from the filesystem. Lets see how it works

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5. februar 2012 Skrevet af: inspari Del med en ven     

SQL Server 2012 gives us some new SSIS components that makes reading from the CDC tables created by SQL Server a lot easier.

Before this release we had to do all the house keeping our self but now almost everything is done out of the box.

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New string conversion functions

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31. januar 2012 Skrevet af: inspari Del med en ven     

SQL Server 2012 contains two new string conversion functions. PARSE and TRY_PARSE. These two functions make life a lot easier when you want to convert a string to another data type.

The different between the two functions are that PARSE will return an error if the conversion fails. TRY_PARSE will return NULL.

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31. januar 2012 Skrevet af: inspari Del med en ven     

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 – Release Candidate 0 was released some weeks ago. The RC0 is all most feature complete but Microsoft of course have some last minutes goodies we haven’t heard about yet. Until the final release, 7th March, I’ll blog about all the new stuff. Most of the blog posts will be BI related but there will also be blog posts about some of the new T-SQL features and other more database related information.

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