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22. oktober 2013 Skrevet af: inspari Del med en ven     
Dots don't just look great on Tour de France jersies - they are also great for conveying information in your visualizations in a simple way.
In the previous post, I created a simple graphic table as an example of how to visualize the overall standing in the Tour de France. I used a dot plot to display a set of values across categories - specifically, the times of the top 10 riders.
In today's post I will revisit the dot plot with two purposes. First, I want to touch upon the virtues of this type of chart by discussing why I chose to use the dot plot as opposed to another type of chart.
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18. oktober 2013 Skrevet af: inspari Del med en ven     

Far too often, we seem overly worried that our audience will not find our data interesting and entertaining. So what do we do? We dress up the data with a plethora of appealing and salient visual effects. Effects that, sadly, end up distorting and blurring the very essense of the message we were trying to communicate in the first place.

Taking an interest in data visualization, I took this snapshot of a table shown on a television channel that covered the Tour de France event.
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